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Premieres: Wed, 31 Oct
7:50PM (HK/SG/PHIL) | 6:50PM (JKT/BKK)

Cast: Ardina Rasti, Aditya Suryo, Panji Saputra

Arumi tells the story of Rasty (Ardina Rasti) and her four friends who visits her family’s old villa in the forest for a vacation. Rasty is apprehensive to return to the villa at first as it was the place where her father murdered her mother and brother 15 years ago. While on their way to the villa, they encounter a mysterious little girl called Lily, who claims she is friends with an astral figure named Arumi. Strange events begin to occur as Lily enters the house, and Rasty begins to question whether Arumi has anything to do with the tragedy 15 years ago…