You Pick the Flick!

Pick your favourite horror genre and movie for a chance to win some awesome horror toys and watch the movie that you picked for on Thrill on Sun, 24th March!

Vote now and catch the flick you picked on Thrill!

We will play the most fan-picked flick on Sun, 24 March @ 9PM (HK/SG/PHIL) | 8PM (JKT/BKK).

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  • Action-Horror

    The Purge

  • Slasher- Horror

    The Curse of Chucky

  • Zombie-Horror

    Reuni Z

  • Comedy-Horror


  • Asian-Horror

    Haunted Hotel
    (aka Gentayangan)

  • Creature-Horror

    Red Billabong

  • Serial Killer-Horror

    The Chronicles of Evil

  • Ghost-Horror

    The Ghost Marriage

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