• 01:20 am

    Paranormal 911 reveals spine-chilling, dramatic stories where emergency calls lead to horrifying paranormal encounters.

    Martin Yap, Christopher Allen Brewer, Morgan Knudsen

  • 02:10 am

    Catch the latest season of Most Haunted as Yvette Fielding and the 'Most Haunted' team set out again to bring their account of paranormal activity in UK's renowned haunted.

  • 03:00 am

    A serial killer begins to spiral totally out of control as three women interact with him in very different ways.

    Amy Manson, Joseph Millson, Richard Brake

    Jamie Crawford

  • 05:00 am

    Haunted Hospitals tells chilling stories of paranormal activities across hospitals, nursing homes, morgues and medical institutions. Listen to stories about past patients coming back from the grave to seek revenge, or nurses still tending their ward –even in depth!

  • 05:50 am

    After a child disappeared mysteriously, a figure of a child will always be seen on the roof of an old temple whenever a thunder strikes and bizarre things happen one after another.

    Sijie Shan, Petei Hokari, Jinyun Chen

    Isara Nadee

  • 07:30 am

    A newlywed couple, Altair and Manuel, disappeared in 1974. Their 8mm tapes reveal the horrifying events experienced by the couple.

    Diana Bovio, Rolando Breme

    Victor Dryere

  • 08:55 am

    A traffic accident lands Sen to believe that he is the one responsible for Yin's death. Lin Yin seems to be beseeching Tan Sen to marry her in the afterlife.But is she really dead?

    Wang Xiao-Mo, Yao Cheng-Jin

    Chen Li-Yang

  • 10:30 am

    This is a continuation of Black Maiden Chapter Q. Feeling betrayed by their adoptive parents, Mei and Rana killed them. However, there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Nana Asakawa, Kana Kita, Soko Wada, Yoko Mitsuya

    Sakichi Sato

  • 11:55 am

    Langsuir tells the story of a forbidden love between a human and a langsuir-a legendary creature who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men and later drink their blood.

    Hannah Delisha, Syafiq Kyle

    Lau Fung

  • 01:35 pm

    When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures from zombifying the city!

    Ione Butler, Andrew Asper, LaLa Nestor

    Glenn Miller

  • 03:10 pm

    Goshinshin Hitomi works in a worship shop and holds memorial services for clients who have experienced bizarre incidents involving ghosts.

    Fujita Tomu, Rie Kitahara

  • 03:35 pm

    Goshinshin Hitomi works in a worship shop and holds memorial services for clients who have experienced bizarre incidents involving ghosts.

    Fujita Tomu, Rie Kitahara

  • 04:00 pm

    Su Sheng Zhi brings his family to visit his ancestral home. One evening, the family plays the Chinese version of an Ouija board, only to have several murders occur shortly after.

    Song Yijie, Jiang Xinqi, Zhang Lanyi

    Lau Fung

  • 05:35 pm

    A deep cover operative awakens to find himself imprisoned in a CIA black site on a submarine.

    Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Kris Van Damme

    Pasha Patriki

  • 07:25 pm

    Zhen Xin befriends You Mei in the University and constantly hears strange noises in the dormitory. When she was attacked, You Mei saved her and You Mei’s identity is also revealed.

    Chen Lin, Leni Cho, Philip Keung Ho Man, Helena Law Lan, Tenky Tin Kai Man

    Sharon Yang, Cao Shang Shui

  • 09:00 pm

    A single-parent family (Yu Xiang and Tong Tong) move into a new neighbourhood where everyone’s life seems perfect. However, while things may look rosy on the outside, dark secrets and horror raid each family from the inside, and nothing really are as they seem.

    Uriah See, Kendra Sow, Emily Lim, Chai Zi, Thor Yin Wei, April Chan

    Adrian Teh

  • 10:30 pm

    Rachel Carlson, a successful novelist moves to a small Scottish village to move on with her life after the death of her son. Strange things start to happen when she is haunted by g

    Demi Moore, Henry Ian Cusick, Nicholas Gleaves

    Craig Rosenberg